How to Papercraft Instructions

This is how to Papercraft your model from the Instructions and templates.

Download, Cut out the templates, Fold the dotted lines, then glue the Tabs to the matching number.

Materials Required A4 of Letter paper or card Scissors

Cello tape
Paper glue
Access to Printer


- Print the Papercraft template Print on the following paper sizes

A4 (210mm X 297mm) or US Letter (8½” X 11”). One can stick light printer paper onto card to make the model more rigid. Printer settings :
In scale options, select “Actual size”.
Do not check “Scale to fit page”.


- Cut along the solid lines with a scissors Cut the template out, following the solid lines with the scissors. Be careful and get assistance if required.



- Fold along the dotted lines One can score along the dotted line with a blunt object to make the paper easier to fold. I score the dotted lines using a pizza slicing wheel. Dashed lines are folded in and dot and dashed lines are folded out


- Glue the tabs to the edges with the same number When glueing two sections, hold the glued
tab in position for a few seconds. One can use cello tape,
to hold the tabs in place while the glue drys.


Just one other point.

The papercraft templates have been created sequentially, so by folding and glueing the sections 1, 2, 3 etc. one works from head to toe.

The final closing of the papercraft model is a challenge and I normally overcome this challenge by just glueing the tabs on the outside rather than the inside, just for this final step. (You will see what I mean later). 

Happy paper crafting